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Aluminum Shelving by Italmodular.

Whether you own a restaurant, a butcher’s shop, a fruit and vegetable shop, a fish shop, or anything that requires a walk-in cooler, you probably need a commercial shelving that supports low-temperatures, heavy loads, while being hygienic and easy to clean.

Italmodular  has been serving aluminum shelving solutions for more than 40 years. As we grew up as a company we always tried to improve ourselves, collaborating with our customers to develop new solutions to satisfy their needs. We have served more than 45 countries worldwide and our products are ISO certified.

aluminum shelving

Aluminum Shelving: the main chemical element for commercial shelving

The production of our aluminum shelving involves one main chemical element: aluminium. This adaptable metal holds a lot of useful properties like:

  1. Durability;
  2. Lightweight (while also maintaining good resistance);
  3. Corrosion-resistant (it doesn’t change the taste of the products you store in the shelves);
  4. Hygienic;
  5. Recyclable.

All this properties allows you to perfectly maintain your cold room. Our commercial shelving works well even in low temperatures, while also being easy to clean up for maintaining a perfect hygiene. The reliability of a cold room depends on the regularity and quality of the maintenance work: having a properly designed one, in combination with our commercial shelvings, helps to store meats, fruits, vegetables in a safe and reliably way.

Commercial shelving that can be shaped as you prefer

While the composition of our products is very important, we can’t also forget that we must adapt to the customer’s needs. That’s why our commercial shelving are designed to be modular shelving: they can easily fit in every room you need them. No more dismantle and reassemble with specific equipment.
Italmodular’s commercial shelving can achieve both simplicity and speed, thanks to our slot-together system. Which means that assembly is straightforward and fast, and can be performed without the aid of special tools. Using our special software ‘Shelving Optimization‘ we may also design the shelves in your chosen room, providing a 3D render of the solution.

Choose Italmodular’s aluminum shelving for your store

We have shown you the qualities of our products, and how and why it can be the perfect solution for you and your business. We always try to meet and satisfy the customers’ demands, elaborating new reliable solutions. If you are interested in these products or you need further informations, feel free to contact Italmodular.