aluminum trolley by Italmodular

An Italmodular Aluminum trolley for fruits and vegetables designed to provide help at work in many different ways.

The aim of Italmodular is to optimise storage practices such as handling of food, medicine and a variety of other products. We are able to obtain our goals with the use of the best quality materials available for the trolley and with an easy to use design.

The display trolleys for fruits and vegetables from the IM|92 system represent the perfect solution for those wishing for fruits and vegetables products with the maximum convenience and respectful of the hygiene requirements but their characteristics make them versatile and also particularly adapted to who works with a really different kind of product.

Our display trolleys are made of 20 micron anodized aluminium which provide them a light weight nevertheless without renouncing to the resistance and the strength of the product (a 1152mm shelf can carry 110kg). This material is perfect for the construction of trolley for fruits and vegetables as it’s long-lasting, resistant to corrosion so consequently non-toxic and adapted to the contact with the food, it’s non magnetic and a perfect thermal conductor, adapted to be used or in refrigerated environments or dry environments. The anodized aluminium is also 100% recyclable, it has a low environmental impact and a high recovery value.

Italmodular includes two types of trolley for fruits and vegetables in its large variety of shelving in steel, they are designed for different purposes and uses.

Display trolley : the functional and versatile display solution

Trolley Italmodular

A fruit and vegetable trolley adapted to the storage and the presentation of any kind of product, also different than fruits and vegetables (for example medicines, wine bottles, boxes for bread…). Easy and quick to build, available with aluminium shelves or polyethylene shelves as you wish, is equipped with 4 turning wheels in galvanised steel with stops which make it maneuverable and easy to transport even when it’s full charged.


The modular trolley : stable and practical handling

The adjustable trolley is designed for the transport of goods from the unloading area to the storeroom, but also from the storeroom to the selling point and for these reasons this one is also equipped with turning wheels. Its design elegant  makes it easy to clean, quiet and stable, allowing a high versatility in the different uses.

Trolley Italmodular

Both of our trolley for fruits and vegetables are available with aluminium shelves or polyethylene shelves, they have galvanised steel wheels with stops and stand out for their qualities of strength, stability and durability years after years. Available in a lot of different sizes, they can be adapted to every kind of presentation purpose and offer diverse kind of use. Moreover they are conforming to the NSF and NF hygiene requirements and consequently at the use in the food industry, in hotels, in catering and more generally in the refrigeration industry.

Italmodular – Our company

Since more than 50 years we are involve in helping companies in their work. Our experience, along with technology innovation and passion, make us the ideal partner to organize the storage space in an efficient, innovative and reliable way.

For more information you can check Italmodular website or contact us and we will try to help you the best way possible.