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Italmodular is an international company that for over 50 years has been helping to organize working environments. Through the design of modular solutions and systems, Italmodular’s goal is to optimize the workspaces for material storage. By choosing Italmodular you will rely on the efficiency of innovative solutions in the organization of the environment while maintaining high standards of quality and hygiene.

Today there is a great interest in the world of butchery and the quality of the raw material. The focus is increasingly on high quality meat cuts and the end customer is also interested in how the beef is processed. On the web there are videos of butchers who work with passion and competence: videos in which the beef is deboned, or in which the meat cut is cleaned from any waste, up to video explaining the different breeds of animals from which to obtain the most valuable meat.

In order to be able to offer a quality product, equally high-quality equipment is needed to support the butcher in terms of efficiency and hygiene. The butcher rail is an ideal solution for the organization of spaces and for the processing of meat respecting the required sanitary standards.

Let’s see together the world of Italmodular butcher rails.

Butcher Rail: a modular system

Italmodular butcher rails are the end result of the combination of efficiency and innovation. With Italmodular you can create modular lines adaptable to your space needs. Italmodular butcher rails will guarantee stability, solidity and speed in the various processing of the raw material. Let’s see together two models patented by Italmodular.

Butcher Rail IM|09

butcher rail im 09

The butcher rail IM|09 is an ideal solution for organizing the butchery department thanks to the adaptability of its modular system. Italmodular has patented a three-way exchange that allows the handling of meat in three directions with convenience and safety, optimizing time.

Let’s see the main features of this meat processing plant:

  • easy and quick to assemble: the simplicity of mounting the structure of the rail make this system economical and adaptable to the individual needs,
  • hygienically safe system: thanks to the aluminum alloy, the rail IM|09 ensures high hygiene standards,
  • load resistance, stability, silent: these characteristics guarantee a sliding of the hooks, and therefore of the meat, fluid,
  • high practicality to use: the three-way exchange system allows a practical and safe movement of meat, optimizing processing times.

The IM|09 Fluid Flow Meat Transport System can be used in a variety of applications, such as the food industry, industrial refrigeration, butchers or supermarkets.

Butcher Rail IM|21

butcher rail im 21

The butcher rail IM|21 is a Bi-rail model made entirely of 100% stainless steel. It is an aerial rail for the transport and storage of hanging meat with high-end finishes. Its main fields of application are food, industrial refrigeration, butchers and supermarkets. 

It’s made up of two main elements: the structure and the support. In particular, you can plant the support on the floor or anchored to the ceiling. The entire structure is able to transport beef between 350 kg/m and 700 kg/m, ensuring the processing and storage of meat in a practical and fast way. 
The facilities can be equipped with various additional accessories that will make the rail complete and suitable to meet your needs. For example, a fixed or tilting grid shelf or an electric spreader can be inserted to debone the meat. To facilitate even more the processing of meat, a hydraulic arm for unloading and loading that allows the handling of fresh beef through servo-assisted operation can be inserted in the rail. But not only that. You can customize the railing with accessories that facilitate the sliding of hooks and meat between different plants such as the descent manual rail.

Meeting the standards of Butcher Rail

Italmodular rails are manufactured in compliance with strict FDA standards for food safety. The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) standards that Italmodular has been able to achieve include standards of development of performance characteristics, production practices, standards of compliance criteria and other technical or political criteria.

In addition, our buses meet USDA regulations: food safety regulations in the United States. This set of regulations USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has the objective to strengthen the control of organic production. In this perspective, Italmodular guarantees the compliance of the meat processing plants with American standards.

Aliminum: suitable material for Butcher Rail

Italmodular rails are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. It’s a material that makes the product unique thanks to its total composition in 100% stainless steel. This material was chosen because of the advantages it brings to the production of rails. A fundamental characteristic for us of steel is its total recyclability that implies a low environmental impact against a high recovery value. In addition to the attention to sustainability, the choice fell on steel because of its efficient technical characteristics. It is a lightweight material but at the same time resistant to impact and corrosion. Hygienically safe, stainless steel protects the entire structure from moisture, light, microorganisms that could ruin the plants.

butcher rail

Italmodular: butcher rails and not only for meat processing plants

Meat processing is a particular activity: in addition to high levels of hygiene, structures are needed that can handle even very heavy beef, facilitating the manual deboning of the employees. Italmodular provides you with the most appropriate solutions for your needs. In addition to rails you can design the butchery department with Italmodular frames or hooked bars.


hooked bars

Italmodular framework is an ideal solution for the storage of meat: made of aluminum alloy is suitable for contact with food according to current regulations, thanks to the total absence of spaces in which to proliferate dirt and microorganisms.

The hooked bars are a versatile solution to complete your own butcher: made of aluminum alloy can be customized according to your needs.

Both systems are modular and adaptable to the spaces or needs of each customer.

The world of Italmodular

Italmodular, in addition to offering solutions for the processing and storage of beef, offers systems of organization, transport and exhibition ranging in different fields of application. On the Italmodular website you can find different models of shelving and trolleys, which adapt to your needs thanks to their modular features.  

  trolley shelving








Italmodular products are made of stainless steel and above all they are designed to be simple but at the same time stable and solid, always ensuring high standards of hygiene and safety. The areas of application for shelving and trolleys vary from the food industry to the pharmaceutical sector or warehouses, as well as being ideal for the organization of cold storage. 

You can also find solutions for the protection of refrigerated counters. The IM 97 system is a protect line made of stainless steel and is a modular system that guarantees strength and ease of assembly.

If you need to organize your work environments to optimize space and time, you are in the right place. Italmodular will provide you with the most suitable solutions for your needs. 

Read more about the product range in our catalog and visit the Italmodular website to see all the solutions it offers. You can also stay updated by following our Facebook page. You can contact Italmodular directly to devise together the solution that best suits your needs!

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