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italmodular butcher rail

Butcher Rail: the meat processing plant

Italmodular is an international company that for over 50 years has been helping to organize working environments. Through the design of modular solutions and systems, Italmodular’s goal is to optimize the workspaces for material storage.…
Scaffalatura aerea scorrevole Italmodular

Overhead sliding shelving: the shelving for your warehouses

Overhead sliding shelving, the perfect shelving unit to increase space in your warehouses. Does your warehouse space always seem full? Do you no longer know where to put products in the different shelves? This is a recurring problem when…
corner bumpers italmodular

Italmodular trolley bumper: an ideal solution for protecting counters

Italmodular offers many solutions to rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace. The Italmodular trolley bumper is a system that protects refrigerated counters in supermarkets and shopping centres against the impact of shopping…

Radíografia retail: the trade fair of excellence

Radíografia retail: the trade fair of excellence Radiografia retail is the fair organized in memory of Luis Edgardo Rodríguez Urbina from Ansa Venezuela to Caracas. It is an event that allows you to know all the news in the economic…
modular shelving steel italmodular

Italmodular: modular steel shelving system to match your needs

Italmodular is a reliable partner in designing highly innovative modular systems and solutions to rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace. We are proud to offer our customers technology, quality and reliability, for over…
italmodular aluminium shelving

Italmodular aluminium shelving for every kind of stores

We at Italmodular are amongst the leaders of the sector of commercial aluminium shelving, with a 50-year-old experience to offer to our customers. Our products are very flexible and comply with every kind of use. We use the best materials…
shelving for pharmacies

Shelving for pharmacies, adaptable and quality solutions

Modular shelving units and trolleys of the IM 92 system in aluminium and stainless steel are the perfect solutions for storage space management. It is important to organize, carry, and display goods in accordance with the hygiene rules. The…
italmodular shelving

Italmodular, solutions and modular systems with high innovative content

Italmodular is a company that for more than 50 years has contributed with high quality to organize and improve the way people work in companies. Through innovative solutions, it meets the needs of every customer and represents a reference point…
italmodular overhead rail system

Italmodular’s showcase overhead rail system

In our previous articles we talked about the quality of our products, showing how they can adapt to customers' need for every kind of use. For supermarkets we provided protecting counters, while for restaurants and butchers we provided the overhead…
metal shelves italmodular

Stainless steel shelves for restaurants

Our stainless steel shelves for restaurants are the ideal solutions to handle  foodstuffs and kitchen tools exploiting the most possible space and respecting hygiene standards. Italmodular is ISO certified and it's in the storage business…