Sistema IM92 di scaffalature e carrelli Italmodular

IM92 system, shelving and trolley solutions. The ideal solution to display, transport, organize and increase space in your warehouse.

It always seems that our warehouses are filled to the brim, that space is finally never enough. We move all the products over and over again in search of an increase in space that never seems to arrive. The problem of available space in warehouses is a recurring issue. We know how important it is for the warehouse to be clean and tidy in order to facilitate the search for materials. But with Italmodular this problem can be stemmed. Thanks to the IM92 system of racks and trolleys, this system provides many possibilities for increasing storage space by up to 90 per cent.

The solutions Italmodular offers are many and can be adapted to any requirement. The IM92 shelving and trolley system is a system of strong, durable structures suitable for contact with foodstuffs. Those structures are stable and have a high load capacity, and are always made of the best materials.

Let’s find out together what structures are available in the IM92 shelving and trolley system.

IM92 system of shelving and trolley

IM92 system of shelving and trolley

The IM92 system can be a solution for all space, transport and display problems. Thanks to the easy assembly and the durability of the material from which all the products are made, it is the perfect system for various contexts of use.

The sectors of use can be many, such as the pharmaceutical, hotel, catering, food and refrigeration sectors and warehouses in general. The uses of all the equipment in the IM92 shelving and trolley system are many and always respecting hygiene regulations.

Made of anodized aluminium alloy or stainless steel, they are solid, stable systems that can support high loads. All IM92 shelving and trolley systems are guaranteed by the international NF French and NSF US marks.

There are many proposals, each one has different characteristics and they are all suitable for different situations of use. Let’s find out what the different kinds of shelving and trolleys are.

Overhead sliding shelving

overhead sliding shelving

The overhead sliding shelving is an excellent compromise between a rack that allows for an increase in available space and a rack that is mobile and raised off the ground. Its special feature is that it is able to increase storage space from 25% to 90%. It also gives the possibility of deeper cleaning so that a high standard of hygiene is also maintained.

It therefore provides more space and, in the case of its installation in cold stores, greater energy savings. When installed in refrigerated and air-conditioned areas, the increased space available in these areas allows for a higher level of storage with a consequent reduction in the use of electricity for refrigeration.

A fully functional, smooth-running and silent system with maximum stability of the structure. This is the perfect shelving system for those who need more space. Adaptable to any space thanks to the wide choice of standard sizes available.

Easy Compact overhead sliding shelving

Italmodular scaffali componibili in acciaio easy compact

The Easy Compact overhead sliding shelving is ideal for those who want to increase the available storage space in small to medium-sized rooms with light loads. With a central sliding track and two side shelves for support, it offers great ease of goods movement. Thanks to its composition, it has high stability and ensures a high level of hygiene.

The central sliding track is adjustable and thus offers different shelf lengths, adapting to different environments. Each module has four shelves and guarantees a load capacity of 250 kg.

The Easy Compact shelving unit is used for medium-light loads and can be adapted to any type of solution.

Floor sliding shelving

Scaffalatura scorrevole a pavimento sistema IM92

The floor sliding shelving is the optimal solution for those who wish to increase their available storage space by up to 90% and organize the warehouse.

This type of shelving is very solid and stable thanks to the ground support and has a high load capacity. Each sliding module has a load capacity of approximately 400 kg.

The available sizes are many and allow for many combinations and a considerable saving not only in space but also in energy. In fact, if placed in areas with refrigeration systems, they can save a great deal on energy costs.

Made of anodised aluminium alloys, they are resistant and enjoy a high degree of durability, as they are unalterable over time by corrosion from water and humidity. Perfect for large spaces where even more storage possibilities are desired.

Modular shelving

Italmodular modular shelving system steel aluminium

Elegant design, very high stability, large load capacity these are just some of the features of the modular shelving unit. This shelving unit is able to optimise space in any environment.

Versatile in its organisation and application, this type of shelving is perfect for optimising space in different areas, allowing many combinations.

The special feature of modular shelving is that it has its own software, “Shelving Optimisation“. This software is easy to use and is released to Italmodular’s dealers so that they can choose the most suitable furniture solution in just a few minutes. Thanks to the 3D simulation, it is possible to visualise the possibilities offered and also to get a quote in no time.

Like all IM92 shelving and trolley systems, these shelving systems are guaranteed to last. Also guarantee a high level of hygiene standards, thanks to the closed profiles and the total absence of spaces in which dirt could lurk.

Another feature of this type of modular shelving is its interchangeability in terms of shelves. These are supplied in three different materials: 20 micron anodised aluminium, polyethylene and finally AISI 304 stainless steel. The shelves can be easily removed and replaced with gastronorm trays, the containers used to hold food in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Thanks to its ease of use and assembly and its versatility, it can be adapted to any environment.


Display Trolley

Italmodular offers two different options for display trolleys.

  • The display trolley is perfect for storing and displaying any type of product. Easy and quick to assemble, it is equipped with four galvanized steel wheels with stops that make it safe and handle even when fully loaded. It is an elegant but and very practical system that gives the possibility of displaying different types of products. Some of its uses are for displaying baskets of bread, crates of vegetables and fruit, flowers and bottles of wine. The display trolley adapts to many needs and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Стеллаж для вина

  • The modular trolley is designed for the transport of foodstuffs both in the unloading area of the warehouse and outside. With its elegant design and wide selection of sizes, it is a perfect solution for various applications. Made of anodized aluminium suitable for food contact, it is stable, safe and easy to handle even when fully loaded.

Display Trolley

Smarty trolley

Italmodular carrello Smarty- scaffali componibili in acciaio

The Smarty trolley is made of anodized aluminium alloy with fully removable walls made of food-grade plastic. This trolley has been specially created to increase storage space within various food environments such as large or fast-food kitchens, canteens.

The special feature of the Smarty trolley is the folding design, which reduces the space required to store the trolley when not in use. Strong and at the same time lightweight, it is the perfect compromise between storage space requirements and freedom of movement even in small spaces.

Smarty Eco trolley

Carrello Smarty Eco sistema IM92

The Smarty Eco trolley is the evolution of the Smarty, this in fact consists of a single frame where containers can be managed. By removing the grids it is possible to replace them with Gastro-Norm (GN), Euro-Norm (EN), trays and 60×40 trays.

The frame walls and grids are completely removable to allow thorough cleaning of the trolleys. Thanks to its robustness and 120kg capacity, it is an excellent solution for those who need versatility.

XCaret Arte Hotel project with IM92 shelving and trolley system

A project of which we are really very proud, has been realized in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Is the XCaret Arte Hotel project, in collaboration with our local partner Mepsa.

It is the largest hotel to be built in Mexico in 2021. Built during the covid and lockdown period, it is a hotel consisting of 900 suites, in which only Italmodular shelving from the IM92 system can be found.

We are really pleased with the use we have made of the entire IM92 shelving and trolley system to create something truly unique and special, and especially at such a difficult time as lockdown. That is why we and our staff are particularly proud of the whole project and the realization of it.

XCaret Arte Hotel realizzato con scaffalatura IM92

Italmodular and the IM92 shelving and trolley system

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