italmodular aluminium shelving

We at Italmodular are amongst the leaders of the sector of commercial aluminium shelving, with a 50-year-old experience to offer to our customers.

Our products are very flexible and comply with every kind of use. We use the best materials available: anodized aluminium or stainless steel allows our products to have high-end performances. But let us give you some examples of what can you do with our products.

Bakery: aluminum shelving for your baking pans

italmodular aluminium shelving for bakeries

Italmodular’s products include the smarty trolley which is incredibly useful for bakeries. You don’t have to worry anymore about issues like storage space, hygiene or where to place your (still hot) baking pans.

The anodized aluminium guarantees the smarty trolley the ability to carry up to 120 kg loads, while maintaining a high standard of hygiene. It also ensures the ability to support a wide range of temperatures, from -30° to +70°.

You may also use this aluminium shelving to carry around your food supplies in your store. You can also show your delicious fragrant bread to customers with our display trolley.

Pharmacy: aluminum shelving to preserve hygiene

The anodized aluminium is excellent as for bakeries as for pharmacies thanks to the high standard of hygiene it allows to obtain. For example, you can use Italmodular’s modular shelving to store your medicines or pharmaceutical products. To know more about Italmodular shelving for pharmacies, read our previous article.

aluminium shelving for pharmacies

The aluminium shelving can support up to 260 kg loads. Not only this is a great way to optimize pharmacies’ space, but can also be useful for those particular medicines that require to be stored in refrigerators (modular shelving handle temperatures from -30° to +90°).

The modular shelving is very easy to assemble. Besides, you can create many combinations according to your personal needs.

Butchery: aluminum shelving to preserve your meat quality

aluminium shelving for butchery

We talked a little about butchery in Italmodular commercial shelving, when we saw Italmodular’s overhead rail system, framework and hooked bars. To complete the work, we suggest you rely on the overhead sliding shelving. As you can see in the technical specification, each module of this aluminium shelving has a load capacity of 400 kg, meaning a 1600 kg overall.

This is particularly important for these kinds of activities because they require the ability to store great quantities of meat. Other key features are the possibility of our aluminium shelving to work at low temperatures – so you can preserve both food quality and hygiene – and to save a lot of space by arranging them according to your needs.

Generic shops

Even if you don’t have any particular request or necessity like pharmacies, bakeries or butcheries, Italmodular’s products are great for normal storages. Modular shelving is still a good choice to store your items, but we may also advise you the easy compact.

easy compact aluminium shelving

This may be more for small to middle rooms, due to the sliding system that allows saving even more space. Every single aluminium shelving can carry up to 250 kg loads, so you can store a large number of items. The central modules can be lifted off the floor, allowing a much easier way to clean beneath it, for even higher hygiene.

As you can see, we offer you products which are flexible, durable, sturdy and easy to clean. If you are interested in our products you may take a look at our catalogue at Italmodular products. If you have any more questions regarding our products feel free to contact Italmodular.