Italmodualr Framework

Italmodualr Framework

Italmodualr Framework represent the best solution for transporting, hooking and place meat inside cold rooms of all types and sizes.

The Italmodualr framework  is made entirely of 12-micron anodized aluminum alloy and non-toxic plastic materials. These materials are unalterable over time and guarantee a high standard of hygiene.

The Italmodualr Framework system guarantees the following features:

  • Stable modular system;
  • Solid;
  • Quick and easy to install;
  • Great adaptability to various space requirements.

Italmodualr Framework

The main application areas of Italmodualr Framework are:

  • Butcheries;
  • Food;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Industrial refrigeration

Italmodualr Framework is a modular system for hooking and stowing. This modular system is a stable, solid and modern solution. For more technical information check Italmodualr Framework  – Catalogue 2023.

Italmodualr Framework

Why choose Italmodualr Framework?

The IM 09 self-supporting framework which is certified with the international NF French marking. Why does Italmodualr Framework represent the ideal solution? As we have seen before, this system represents the most suitable solution for hooking and stowing meats inside cold rooms (IM09 self-supporting framework fits any type and size of room), this feature avoids the need to drill holes in the panels.

The system is characterized by interchangeable and adaptable components, and this system allows you to freely compose Italmodualr Framework by adapting it to your needs. It is therefore a modern, versatile and stable system. Thanks to the materials with which it is made, this system is suitable for contact with food according to the rules.

Unalterable over time

As we have seen, Italmodualr Framework is entirely made of anodized aluminum alloy and non-toxic plastic materials. These two materials, combined together, ensure inalterability over time against corrosion from water and humidity.

High strength and safety

The IM 09 system is a modern modular system. The special features of this framing system are:

  • High load resistance;
  • Stability and solidity;
  • The system does not require special fastenings or anchors

Italmodualr Framework


The Italmodualr Framework of the IM 09 system provides for extreme ease of assembly. The ease of assembly is achieved by the interlocking system, which allows for quick and easy assembly without the need for special tools and competence.

Guaranteed hygiene standard

The IM 09 system is made to guarantee an excellent hygienic standard, this standard is guaranteed because Italmodular framing is constructed following this pattern:

  • Smooth, rounded surfaces;
  • Closed profiles: the total absence of spaces and crevices where dirt can lurk guarantee a high standard of hygiene.

Italmodualr Framework

Customizable modular system

The Italmodualr framing of the IM 09 system is best known for its great versatility, which allows free composition within various types of cold rooms.

Italmodualr Framework

More from Italmodular

For over 50 years, Italmodular has been contributing passion, quality, technology and reliability to organize and improve the way people and companies work. Italmodualr is a manufacturing company that designs innovative modular solutions and systems to organize the storage space of any working environment. Thanks to its previous experience and continuous investments in technology, the company is now a point of reference when it comes to factors such as innovation, quality and service.

Italmodualr Framework

Italmodualr also offers other products, including: Italmodualr Shelving and Trolleys, Italmodualr Overhead Rail, Italmodualr Hooked Bars and Italmodualr Protecting Counters.

As for the products in the IM 09 line, Italmodualr also offers Overhead Rail and Hooked Bars in addition to Framework system.

  • The Italmodualr Overhead Rail is the perfect modular system for carrying and hooking. The sliding of this system is smooth, silent, practical and safe;
  • The Italmodualr Hooked Bars are the optimal solution to complete the necessary supply of butcher shops, gastronomy shops and supermarkets. This storage system is an adaptable wall- or ceiling-mounted, fixed or sliding solution;
  • Eventually, Italmodualr also offers the Overhead Bi-rail IM 21 an Overhead guideway model in which all components from bolts to diverters are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. This type of material makes the product unique, being the only one made of 100% stainless steel. This type of Overhead guideway guarantees the highest quality due to the materials, and features high-end finishes. These features allow a deep level of sanitization of processing and storage environments resulting in health protection.

Logo Italmodular


Italmodualr is the perfect solution if you want to organize your space in the best way. For over 50 years we have been working with passion, trying to improve day by day and investing in the best technologies, to guarantee our customers a product of the highest quality. Our mission is to make storage industrious and safe and to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Our guiding value is maximum customer satisfaction and the trust we are able to establish.

In addition to customer satisfaction, we we commit ourselves every day to offer the best quality while respecting the environment, as we use materials that are totally recyclable and have a low environmental impact.

For any questions or more information contact Italmodualr. Stay updated and check the Italmodualr’s blog, here you can find out news and interesting facts about our company.