Italmodular is an innovative company, leader in the sector of commercial shelving systems. It offers its services to customers as a reliable partner in designing highly innovative storing structures. Italmodular’s solutions intelligently rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace. The attention to technology’s advancement, and an optimized human resource management, paired with an international customer support service, put the company well above the competition.

Efficiency is a way of thinking: durable and reliable solutions are the strongholds that ensure us such a wide clientele. Meeting and exceeding the demands of each customer is the mission behind our lines of innovative products. Furthermore, our reputation is based on over five decades of experience in the commercial shelving systems sector. Because of that, we grew with the industry and contributed to raise the standards in this sector. As a result, we know exactly what modern companies need.

Italmodular: our modular shelving systems

We are one of the most well-known and renowned companies in the industrial refrigeration, catering, pharmaceutical and retail chain industries. Our goal is to optimize your business, and we guarantee that the result will ensure your, as well as our, maximum satisfaction.

Italmodular uses aluminum as the main component for its projects and products. There are many kind of raw materials on the market that, although cheaper, have an higher environmental impact. Rather than going for the cheap route, we always choose to opt for the quality. We provide lightweight yet durable products, while keeping an eye on the environment. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and impacts, hygienic, non-magnetic and 100% recyclable.

Our line of products features three main storage optimizing systems. The first one, that we want to present here, is the family of the IM 92 Modular Shelving systems.

IM 92 Modular Shelving systems

Italmodular Modular Shelving - Adjustable metal shelvingIM 92 modular shelving systems are the ideal solution for anyone needing to organize, handle, display and make the most of available storage space. They are in compliance with hygiene standards a safety. Especially relevant is the fact that our commercial shelving systems can be placed and forgotten: they are made to last and almost require no maintenance.

The IM 92 system lends itself to a host of different applications, ranging from catering to the hotel industry, from walk-in refrigerators to the whole food industry, from the pharmaceutical trade to storehouses in general.

They are guaranteed to offer lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture and provide a high standard of hygiene. Both stable and sturdy, they do not need any special fastening or anchoring, while they are built to take heavy loads with minimal bending. Extreme simplicity and speed of assembly is achieved thanks to the slot-together system patented by Italmodular. That means that assembly is quick and easy and can be performed without the aid of special tools.

The elegant design and extensive choice of standard sizes make the modular shelving system highly adaptable. Many combinations are possible, with the IM 92 line, everyone can quickly compose their ideal modular shelving system with ease.

Modular shelving is the most fitting solution to save space and logically arrange large amounts of goods. Italmodular’s standard modular shelvings are cheap, yet sturdy and reliable. They can be put in narrow corners, otherwise unused, and will increase available storage space. Heavy loads and constant use don’t scare our products, because durability and build quality are a must in every one of our design projects.

Sliding shelving systems

italmodular Shelving | Trolleys - Overhead sliding shelving and Aluminum ShelvesOur patented sliding shelving system allows, in an innovative way, to increase the available storage surface area even further. Compared to traditional shelving, our sliding shelving system ensures astonishing gains in storing space between 25% and 90%. An optimized space is key to fully exploit the work area and get the most out of your investment.

Easy Compat is best suited for mid-to-small-sized rooms, with light loads. It’s a less expensive, but still optimal option. It features multiple central adjustable sliding tracks, with the possibility of many different configurations of the modules. Each module of the base configuration comprises 4 spacious shelves. The structure ensures impressive stability with a 250 kg load capacity for every fixed and sliding module. Two side shelving units, fixed on the backbone of the structure, guarantee that no space is wasted. A solution tailored to any of your need.

Overhead and floor sliding shelving are more advanced solutions to fully take advantage of your usable space. We have composed the system of multiple modules, which move on overhead or floor tracks. The sliding system, which runs smoothly and quietly, provides and unpaired versatility. The soft and silent glide of the modules ensures an hassle-free administration of the goods.

Each sliding module has a load capacity of approximately 400 kg. In addition, the intelligent management of the space allows for greater savings when it comes to installing cooling and air-conditioning systems. The modular composition confers to the product unrivaled flexibility and adaptability.

IM 92 trolleys

Italmodular’s trolleys are perfect companions for daily work activities. They are spacious, lightweight, discreet and silent, thus making them flawlessly suited for many different tasks. Rolling shelves, an handy moving incarnation of our innovative modular shelving system. We have designed standard trolleys to display, move and store all kinds of products.

We decided to create two types of trolleys, display and modular, for different purposes. They both feature 4 galvanized steel locking swivel castors, which make them particularly safe and easy to handle. Even when carrying around a full load, our rolling shelves will follow your movements with ease.

Quick and easy to assemble, we can supply them in a wide range of sizes and they can adapt to cater to any display need. Modular trolleys are used to carry products from the unloading area to the storeroom. They are built to take heavy loads with minimal bending and to operate silently. As a result, a 1152 mm shelf has an incredible 110 kg load capacity.

Our latest innovation: the Smarty trolley

Italmodular Smarty Trolley - rolling shelves and catering racksItalmodular’s new Smarty trolley is a mobile container and tray storage system. We designed and manufactured this trolley to optimize and increase storage space in canteens, large-scale kitchens and fast-food outlets.

A single frame accommodates multiple container types. You can use Gastronorm (GN) and Euronorm (EN) containers, baking pans and trays, all within the same aluminum frame. It requires no assembly and is designed to fold neatly out of the way when not in use. Because of that, with our rolling shelves space is optimized both when it is and when it’s not in use.

These unique features make it the ideal solution for modern cooking, food preparation and storage systems. Both the side walls are made from foodgrade plastic and the chrome racks can be removed effortlessly to allow the trolley to be cleaned thoroughly.

Italmodular will participate to the upcoming Euroshop 2017 fair, the World’s n.1 trade fair. It will take place from the 5th to the 9th of March, in Düsseldorf, Germany. We will be at Hall 16 / E38, come visit us and you will discover our sector leading products!

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