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Italmodular is a reliable partner in designing highly innovative modular systems and solutions to rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace. We are proud to offer our customers technology, quality and reliability, for over 50 years.

Our company goal is to offer you flexible and resistant solutions, as we are producing and designing products to satisfy your requirements. Quality and durability of materials are granted by a structure in anodized aluminium and stainless steel.

Modular steel shelving: quality, resistance, hygiene

In a previous article we talked about aluminium shelving. This adaptable metal has a lot of useful properties, such as like:

  1. durability;
  2. lightweight (while also maintaining good resistance);
  3. corrosion-resistant (it doesn’t change the taste of the products you store in the shelves);
  4. hygienic (protection from light, air, humidity, smells and micro-organism, essential for pharmacies);
  5. great thermal and electrical conductor.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The main features of the steel are instead:

  1. high deformation and hardness;
  2. good resistance against traction breakage and enervation;
  3. good thermal conductivity;
  4. full resistance against water and humidity corrosion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Thanks to these peculiar chemical properties stainless steel can guarantee lightweight, resistance and hygiene: that is why it represents the perfect solution to preserve the taste of food products and tools’ integrity. In addition, raw material such as steel and aluminium turn out to be eco-friendly products that respect and protect the environment.

Modular steel shelving: Italmodular’s solutions

Modular shelving systems are the perfect solution to optimize the space in any room in a versatile and efficient way. The shelving are made in stainless steel which provides protection against water, humidity and guarantees high hygienic standard; in addition, international certifications such as NF and NSF certify the quality of the product. IM 92 system is composed of a wide range of products customized for you with modular shelving, trolleys and many more.


Italmodular modular shelving system steel aluminium

The main strength of this modular shelving system called IM |92 is versatility and the capacity to optimize any environment. It is made from anodized aluminium with aluminium or stainless steel AISI 304 shelves. The main features of this product are: elegant design, high load capacity, unbeatable stability and ease, and speed of assembly. These characteristics allow many combinations making this shelving highly adaptable. Additionally, thanks to the innovative software “Shelving Optimization“, it is possible to create a 3D rendering of your furnishing solution with the estimate cost.

Italmodular modular shelving system steel easy compact

This patented sliding shelving system called Easy Compact is suitable to optimize and save space in mid- to- small-sized rooms of your store. The base structure with 4 shelves can reach  250 kg of capacity loads. It is also possible to create different combinations due to the side shelving units and to add other fixed units for the shelves. The Easy Compact is a system that offers elevated hygienic standards and easy cleaning. 


Beside the large variety of products our company provides, you can also find Smarty Trolley, which can be used in food-related environments for transportation and storing. This trolley brings together high hygienic standards and 120 kg capacity loads; it is also resistant to high and low temperatures that varies from +70° to -30°, thanks to the anodized aluminium. This allows to store a large amount of products in a correct, hygienic, tidy way.

Italmodular Smarty Trolley aluminium steel

Italmodular values

As you can see, our company can offer you flexible, long term, solid and easy to clean products. If you are interested in our products, you may take a look on our website to Italmodular products. Please feel free to contact Italmodular if you have any questions, together we will find the right solution to match your needs.