protezione per banchi italmodular

Protecting counters Protect Line - bumper railsPreviously we talked about Italmodular commercial shelving line that includes overhead rails, frames and hooked bars for goods storage. Italmodular also provides a specific line of modular shelving solutions and trolleys to optimize and increase any kind of storage space.

Today we are going to show you our innovative IM 97 System of protecting counters PROTECT LINE®.

The IM 97 bumper rails system is the perfect solution for protecting refrigerated counters in shopping centers and supermarkets from the impact of carts and good trolleys.

What are its main features?

  • This solution, made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel and shockproof plastic, guarantees strength and high impact resistance against knocks.
  • The IM 97 bumper rails system is designed to ensure a lasting stability and resistance against water and moisture corrosion.
  • It’s extremely easy and quick to assemble.
  • It meets all size requirement and every needs of storage space optimization.
  • The smoothness of rounded surfaces and the closed profiles also guarantee an easy cleaning and high standards of hygiene.
  • This modular system has no sharp corners, plates or welds and no visible fastening for a better visual appeal.
  • It stands out for combining strength, sectional structure and elegant design.

Protection for corners and edges

Protecting counters Protect Line - bumper railsConnecting rounded profiles made of 20 micron-thick anodized aluminium are the ideal solution to protect corners and edges of walls and floors while meeting high standard of hygiene requirements.

The extreme simplicity of fastening can be carried out using silicone, rivets and stainless steel anchors. Which makes this bumper rail system perfect for a lot of different applications. As a result of its impressive versatility, the Protecting counters system allows different compositions for a tailored solution suitable to any size and any space.

Angle protection

Protecting Counters and bumper railsThe IM 97 System also offers an effective protection for refrigerated counter angles in supermarkets and shopping centers.

It does not only offer an extreme simplicity of assembly but also resistance and lasting stability. Being made from shockproof plastic and AISI 304 stainless steel, it guarantees strength and protection from carts or trolleys impact.

Furthermore this system of Angle protection is a modular solution that can be combined with the in-line protection for a complete protecting solution.

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