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From over 50 years, Italmodular commits itself to offer high quality solutions, such as Hooked Bars Overhead Rails, Shelving, Trolleys. Since the beginning, our mission is to make easier and safer the transport, organization and storage of your products. This, combined with our passion for high quality, is what guides us to create more and more suitable products for our clients.

In the last post we talked about our Overhead Rail and its related accessories. It represents an advanced system created to move meat, in a completely safe and efficient way. Today with this post we want to present another of your most appreciated solutions: Hooked Bars. Customizable and fast to assemble, Italmodular hooked bars are in fact our ideal solution not only to customize your meat-departement, but also to make it a completely safe and modern space.

To make the work spaces safe, today is in fact absolutely necessary to adopt systems that allow to combine some essential characteristics. Such as: efficiency of disposition, ease of cleaning and inalterability. Keep reading the article to find out more about all the features of this innovative and unique solution!

IM|09 Hooked Bars: guaranteed to last

As all Italmodular’s solutions, also our hooked bars are made with anodized aluminium alloy and non-toxic plastic. Italmodular chooses these materials since they guarantee lasting stability. This also, and especially, against problem often common, such as corrosion by water and moisture.

Italmodular's Hooked BarsThe utilization of the aluminium, also, doesn’t guarantee only strength and durability, but it also represents abig help for the environment. In fact, the aluminium alloy is 100% recyclable and presents a low environmental impact. Because of this, since the early 80’s, Italmodular chooses the aluminium as privileged component for its solutions. Shunning raw materials that, although cheaper, have a high environmental impact. Today, more than ever, sustainability is an extremely important value, that we must respect in all our choices, even when furnishing our work space!

But not only these materials guarantee durability and high hygiene. These features are guaranteed also thanks to the shapes. The smooth, rounded surfaces, the closed profiles and the total absence of gaps and cracks in which dirt can lurk combine to deliver a high standard of hygiene.

Are you ready to forget problems linked to hygiene and alterability, and at the same time respecting the environment? With Italmodular’s hooked bars it is possible!

IM|09 Hooked Bars: a tailored system

Another characteristic that makes Italmodular’s hooked bars innovative and unique, it is the versatility for sure. This system includes free compositions and a wide range of sizes. From the different compositions you’ll be able to get a combination that will best meet your needs of space. This allows you to complete the furniture of your meat-departement, making it well-equipped and safe, all at your convenience.

With our hooked bar, you’ll be able to adopt, for example, sliding or fixed hooks. You can choose to install your hooked bar on a wall or ceiling, and choose to make it fixed or sliding, to suit your specific requirements.

Italmodular’s main mission is, in fact, to create innovative solutions able to satisfy, always and at best, the most various requirements of each clients. And what guide us to obtain always better results. Italmodular's Hooked Bars







IM|09 Hooked Bars: quick and simple to assemble

Italmodular’s hooked bars guarantee, also, an extreme simplicity of assembly. The slot-together systems, in fact, allows a fast and easy assembly, without the aid of special tools.

Italmodular's Hooked Bars

In this way you’ll be able to get a stable, solid and easy to install modular system, that shows a great adaptability to a diversity of space requirements. Thanks to the ease of assembly and versatility of our hooked bars, you can easily obtain a completely safe and modern work space.

Leave behind uncomfortable and heavy tools, and find out instead the ease of assembly with Italmodular’s hooked bars!

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Italmodular offers also other solutions to transport, hang up and store meats into cold storage of butcheries, kitchens, gastronomic spaces of every dimension and type. Made entirely from anodized aluminium alloy and non-toxic plastics, our Frameworks and Overhead rails represent, with the hooked bars, the ideal and advanced system for your work spaces.

Italmodular provides also a wide range of Shelving and Trolleys to optimize at best your work space, respecting all the hygiene standards. In fact, also these systems are made from aluminium alloy or stainless steel, not to mention the versatility.

In the end, Italmodular offers also a Protecting counters system, that will allow you to protect your refrigerated counters of supermarkets and shopping centres from the effects of being hit by shopping carts and goods trolleys.

Find out more about our products to get to know them in the detail and to find the most suitable for your necessities!

Italmodular: modular storage solutions

If your mission is to get a completely safe, modern and aligned with your needs working space, Italmodular’s solutions are right for you. Passion for high quality and for the maximum satisfaction of the client, are what guide us since the beginning. What are you waiting for? Visit our website and our Facebook profile, and don’t hesitate to contact us to develop together an high quality and tailored solution!