Meat Conveyor

For over 50 years Italmodular has been helping to organize and improve the way people and companies work, with innovative, technological, reliable and quality solutions which allowed to rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace.

Italmodular’s meat overhead conveyor is perfect for hooking, transporting and storing meat in all types of processing rooms.




The origins of Italomodular’s activities date back to 1882, in Pandino, where Giovanni and his sons were blacksmiths.

Giovanni was succeeded in the activity of blacksmiths and repairers of agricultural machinery by sons Rosetto and Luigi.

In the post-World War II period, in the 1950s, numerous slaughtering and cattle trading activities began to develop and spread, therefore Luigi started to build the first slaughterhouse facilities and equipment for cold cuts and provide the first local slaughterhouses with the necessary equipment to carry out the meat slaughter process.

In 1976  “Italmacelli S.n.c” was born, it was the first name of the actually “Italmodular”, with the aim to continue the construction activity for slaughter plants.  Important innovations were made immediately and in the 1980s aluminum was introduced as the main material.

After a series of refinements in 1980, a system of meat overhead conveyors entirely made of aluminum alloy, called IM80, suitable for both large abattoirs and small butchers was introduced. This versatility has allowed Italmacelli s.n.c. to expand its clientele.

In 1988, the IM89 system, which is suitable not only for butchers but also for meat shops and supermarkets, was introduced.

In 1990 the company expanded its product line, introducing the IM92 system of modular shelving in aluminum alloy. Innovations were also introduced at the procedural level, a software was created to optimize the composition of the shelving: the Shelving Optimization.

In 1994 the new model of meat overhead conveyor was born, the IM96 which for certain uses replaces the IM80.

The company is continuously growing and diversifying the business, Italmodular S.r.l was born.



Italmodur and aluminium

Italmodular prefers aluminum as the main component for its products, despite being less economical.

Why aluminum?

The choice of this company to use aluminum, despite the possibility of using cheaper materials, was due to the characteristics of this material.

  • Aluminum is a lightweight material, but despite this, it is also very impact resistant.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant: this feature makes it antitoxic and perfect for the food industry, as it does not alter the taste and color of food
  • Excellent terminus and electrical conductor,
  • Low environmental impact: aluminum is 100% recyclable and allows you to recover much of its initial purchase value




Meat Conveyor

This meat overhead conveyor represents one of the best solutions to improve and fit every type of butchery department. They are particularly indicated for hanging up, transporting and storing meat inside walk-in refrigerators and processing rooms.

This conveyor is characterized by highly practical use and hygienic safety guaranteed, thanks to aluminum, the principal component of Italmodular’s products, and other non-toxic plastics which ensure to offer lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture and a high standard of hygiene.

The IM 09 sectional overhead rail system offers a time-saving installation and it’s a stable and solid system, built to take the loads and strain, featuring smooth, noiseless gliding.

In addition, it’s characterized by a time-saving installation, quick and simple and adaptable to all needs.

The meat overhead conveyor of the system IM09 is characterized by the new three-way switch system patented by Italmodular, which allows to move the meat in three directions providing operators with a supremely practical and safe workspace, at the same time the waste of time associated with direction changes.




Meat conveyor's accessories


The overhead conveyors of the system IM09 can be equipped with lots of accessories:

  • Rack. Aluminum shelf to be attached to uprights. Can be fixed or hinged.
  • Angle Divert Switch. Used to divert the path of the overhead rail with an angle varying in the range 0 to 45°.
  • Manual Overhead Rail Lowering system. Used to connect overhead rails at different heights. Made from anodized aluminum, it is customized depending on the angle and difference in level.
  • Pulley Connector. Installed on the end of the IM09 overhead rail, it helps with removing and inserting pulleys. Cast aluminum structure.
  • Pulley Stop. Stainless steel mechanical stop for holding the pulley in place so that the meat can be processed.
  • Anti-Condensation Thermal Break. Installed near the walk-in cold room door, it impedes the heat conduction of metals, reducing the formation of condensation. Made from plastic.
  • Anti-Condensation Load-Bearing Thermal Break. Installed near the walk-in cold room door. It impedes the heat conduction of metals, reducing the formation of condensation and doing away with the need for supporting structures up against the door. Made from plastic.
  • Spring-loaded Horizontal Joint for overhead rail. Enables a break to be introduced in the overhead rail by sliding doors. Galvanized steel structure.



In addition to meat overhead conveyors Italmodular offers numerous product ranges:


You can deepen your knowledge of Italmodular company and its products, all made of aluminum, characterized by durability and quality, by having a look at our catalog.