italmodular overhead rail system

In our previous articles we talked about the quality of our products, showing how they can adapt to customers’ need for every kind of use. For supermarkets we provided protecting counters, while for restaurants and butchers we provided the overhead rail system. Instead in this article we’d like to show you which were the final results of our past collaborations.


overhead rail system Protectcounter

You may see our professionalism by looking at our collaboration with Carrefour and Lenta supermarkets. We gave our equipments, knowledge and products to Carrefour in the realization of a supermarket in Tbilisi, providing them reinforced bumpers and storage shelving for their internal butcher shop.

We already talked about corner bumpers protect line in a previous article, but let us remind you its features: AISI 304 certified stainless steel, designed to guarantees high resistance to shocks, bumps or knocks, while being resistant against water and corrosion, which allows to have very high standards for hygiene.

We also used our knowledge to project and design the overhead rail system and shelvings for the butcher shop’s refrigerator room.

Cornerbump for supermarketsWe also provided Lenta hypermarkets with our angle bumper which offers an effective protection for refrigerated counter angles. It’s features are similar to the corner bumpers: very simple to assembly while being resistant to shock thanks to the AISI 304 stainless steel. The counter angles can also be combined with our other products for an even higher protection.

Overhead rail system for restaurants

Overhead rail system for restaurants

We’ve also collaborated with the russian restaurant BeefZavod, located in St. Peterburg (Russia), with our overhead rail system and shelvings. The result of this collaboration makes as proud as you can see. Not only the system allows to show the restaurant’s customers the storaged meat, but also allows them to know what are they eating. Also the overall aesthetic makes this restaurant very unique on its own.

Overhead rail system for transporting and storing meat in butchers

Overhead rail system for transporting and storing meat in butchers

For butcher shops we can create some dedicated solution for every need, like the one in the picture. Our shelvings are able to resist in refrigerators up to -30°, so you can store your meat there to preserve its raw qualities. Italmodular framework is another product, also working in refrigerators, which is a very simple solution to store all those food that needs to be hung.

Italmodular overhead rail system is a product that every butcher shop need for transporting those heavy meat to the slaughter first and to the refrigerators next. If you need any more informations, we talked about these products in our previous article, Italmodular commercial shelving.

I hope this articles has shown you how dedicated we are to create ideal solutions for our customers. We’ve been working in this area for more than 50 years, collaborating with other companies and trying to innovate ourselves to better adapt to their needs. For all these reasons we’ve been using the best quality materials for our products, mostly involving anodized aluminum or stainless steel. You may find more information regarding these elements at Italmodular Corporate Social Responsibility page.

So, if you are thinking about adding shelvings to your store, our software shelving optimization may help you to design your room, creating a 2d and 3d drawing in very few seconds. We may also project the overhead rail system according to your needs. If you need any further information or help us feel free to contact Italmodular.