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In the previous article we talked about our wine shelving solutions. Today we are going to present you our IM|92 line of products.

IM|92 modular shelving line

The modular shelvings making up the IM|92 system are the ideal solution for anyone needing to organize, handle, display and make the most of available storage space. The choice of standard sizes and the elegant design make the shelving highly adaptable, allowing for a great many combinations. The IM|92 system is perfect for different applications, ranging from the hotel industry to walk-in refrigerators, from catering to the food industry and more. Moreover our  products are well known for their lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture, providing high standard of hygiene.


This new modular shelving model is the ideal solution for increasing available storage space. In fact its innovative overhead sliding system makes it the ideal choice for increasing storage surface area by between 25% and 90% compared to traditional shelving. It is made from anodized aluminium alloy with polyethylene or aluminium shelves. As it does not touch the floor, this is easier and quicker to clean, for a more hygienic space. Furthermore the choice of standard sizes makes this shelving highly adaptableallowing a considerable space saving.

overhead modular shelving



FLOOR SLIDING SHELVING is an other product of the IM|92 line. Thanks to its versatility, the system increases and organizes space. Furthermore the use of standard sizes makes these adjustable shelving units highly adaptable. At the same time this allows a great many combinations and resulting in considerable space saving. Both stable and sturdy, they do not need any special fastening or anchoring. The smooth, rounded surfaces, the closed profiles, the total absence of gaps and cracks in which dirt can lurk, making the job of cleaning the space easier and quicker, combine to deliver a high standard of hygiene. Moreover the materials guarantee lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture.

italmodular metal shelves



If you want to increase and exploit your available space, EASY COMPACT is what you are looking for. With its highly modular nature and two side shelving units acting as supports, this system allows you to add other fixed shelving modules and thus create numerous compositions. This adjustable metal shelving is ideal for mid-to-small-sized rooms, with light loads. Moreover the two central modules don’t lean on the floor. This feature makes EASY COMPACT easier to clean, assuring high standards of hygiene.

metal shelves easy compact



The versatility of this aluminum shelving system allows you to optimize and organize space. It is made from anodized aluminium alloy with aluminium or polyethylene shelves or AISI 304 stainless steel. This guarantees lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture, providing a high standard of hygiene. Also the absence of gaps and cracks makes MODULAR SHELVING easy to clean. Moreover its quality is guaranteed by the international marks NF and NSF. Shelving Optimization is an easy-to-use software that Italmodular issue to their dealers. Thanks to this software it takes just a few minutes to choose the furnishing solution that best suits. Furthermore the software gives you a 3D view of the solution.

modular shelving