italmodular overhead rail system

Italmodular's showcase overhead rail system

In our previous articles we talked about the quality of our products, showing how they can adapt to customers' need for every kind of use. For supermarkets we provided protecting counters, while for restaurants and butchers we provided the overhead…
metal shelves italmodular

Stainless steel shelves for restaurants

Our stainless steel shelves for restaurants are the ideal solutions to handle  foodstuffs and kitchen tools exploiting the most possible space and respecting hygiene standards. Italmodular is ISO certified and it's in the storage business…
aluminum trolley by Italmodular

Italmodular: aluminum trolley for fruits and vegetables

An Italmodular Aluminum trolley for fruits and vegetables designed to provide help at work in many different ways. The aim of Italmodular is to optimise storage practices such as handling of food, medicine and a variety of other products. We…
cooler shelves by Italmodular

Italmodular cooler shelves: how to maximize the space in a practical and efficient way

Italmodular cooler shelves are designed to organise efficiently the workspace without renouncing to cleanliness and the respect of the hygiene requirements. Italmodular uses only the best materials to build their structure. Our cooler shelves…

Italmodular: hooking systems for butchery and kitchen departments

Optimize your work space with Italmodular's solutions Restaurants, butcher shops, delicatessens and kitchens are work environments that need an efficient space in order to make it safe, clean and dynamic to the frenetic movement of its workers. Italmodular…
protective poles by Italmodular

Protector poles for forklift trucks by Italmodular

In a previous article, we introduced you the protecting counters PROTECT LINE® by Italmodular. It's a protecting system for refrigerated counters in supermarkets and in shopping centres from the impact of carts and good trolleys. The company…
commercial shelving

Aluminum shelving that fits every needs

Aluminum Shelving by Italmodular. Whether you own a restaurant, a butcher's shop, a fruit and vegetable shop, a fish shop, or anything that requires a walk-in cooler, you probably need a commercial shelving that supports low-temperatures,…
modular shelving italmodular

Modular shelving solutions by Italmodular

In the previous article we talked about our wine shelving solutions. Today we are going to present you our IM|92 line of products. IM|92 modular shelving line The modular shelvings making up the IM|92 system are the ideal solution for anyone…
metal shelves italmodular

Italmodular commercial metal shelves solutions

In the previous article we talked about the innovative Italmodular protecting counters PROTECT LINE®. Today we present you our line of commercial metal shelves. Our commercial metal shelves: features The modular shelving and trolleys making…