protezione per banchi italmodular

Italmodular Protecting counters PROTECT LINE®

Previously we talked about Italmodular commercial shelving line that includes overhead rails, frames and hooked bars for goods storage. Italmodular also provides a specific line of modular shelving solutions and trolleys to optimize and…
scaffalature metalliche per vino Italmodular

Italmodular wine shelving

The wine shelving that will fit your needs Our aluminum commercial wine shelving is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to organize, handle, display and get the most amount of available space respecting the hygiene standards. The…
Italmodular Kitchen storage shelves on Real Time Tv

Italmodular Shelving on Real Time Tv

Italmodular Shelving on Real Time Tv during the show The Chef and The Boss at the Michelin Starred restaurant Alice in Eataly Milan. See the Ep. 6 - Part 2 min. 5:40
Season's greeting and Aluminum Shelves

Season’s Greeting

Season's Greeting from the happy 2C and 2D Class of the Primary School Domenico Invernizzi in Pandino, Italy.
Welcome to the new Italmodular website

Welcome to the new Italmodular web site.

A renovated website that plays the role of continuity of the company where innovation, immediacy and simplicity combine itself in a dynamic and intuitive tool, easy to navigate. A new digital showcase where the Italmodular's offer takes shape…
New Protect Line IM97 shopping cart bumper rail

NEW Protect Line IM97 The new solution for protecting counters. Cheaper, stronger, more functional, more elegant.

The new PROTECT LINE IM97 system, which is up to 40% cheaper than the previous system, makes an ideal solution for protecting refrigerated counters in supermarkets and shopping centres from the effects of being hit by shopping carts and goods…
News - Shelving, guideway and all Italmodular products are now guaranteed by Gost-R

Shelving, Guideway and all Italmodular products are now guaranteed by Gost-R, which certifies the quality of the product in accordance with the regulations of the Russian Federation.

For years the shelves in aluminum and polyethylene, the modular trolleys in aluminum and other Italmodular IM92 line products for cold storage, refrigerated rooms, kitchens and large communities are NSF and NF certified. So as long guideway…
New and functional accessory for IM92 Restaurant shelving and Food storage shelves

Discover the new and functional accessory for the shelving IM92

The Italmodular prepared for the shelving IM92 two new accessories that, thanks to their functionality and convenience of application are a newness useful and effective: the Cross retaining bar, the Separator and the Label. The Cross retaining…
New light wall-mounted hooked bar

New light wall-mounted hooked bar

The new IM09 light hooked bar is the ideal solution for those who have the need to hang low weight products as cold cuts, poultry products, butcher products up to 60 kg per meter Is fixed to the wall and is entirely supported by uprights made…