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Overhead sliding shelving, the perfect shelving unit to increase space in your warehouses.

Does your warehouse space always seem full? Do you no longer know where to put products in the different shelves? This is a recurring problem when it comes to warehouses. Space never seems to be enough. No matter how big it is, the storage area is unfortunately not infinite. Not to mention how difficult and tiring it is to do a good cleaning underneath the shelves.

If you are looking for a solution to all your shelving problems, Italmodular has the perfect one for your space problems. The innovative and patented overhead shelving system, part of Italmodular’s IM92 system. This modular system allows you to better organize your space, being able to move the limits of available space, increasing up to 90% more a storage area in the same space. Allowing for more thorough, less tiring and faster cleaning. But that’s not all!

The benefits are many but how does all this work? Let’s find out together.

Overhead sliding shelving by Italmodular

overhead sliding shelving

The overhead sliding shelving is organised in modules, connected to a system that raises the rack above the ground. Designed and manufactured to increase storage capacity by 25% to 90% compared to fixed shelving. This system makes it possible to optimise the space of cold stores, warehouses and pantries.

The overhead sliding shelving system is made of anodized aluminium alloy with polyethylene or aluminium shelves. This system has great versatility and can adapt to any type of area, thanks to the wide choice of sizes. The shelving is stable and has a great load capacity,  each sliding module has a load capacity of approximately 400kg.

As with stationary shelving, compliance with hygiene standards is very important to Italmodular, it is guaranteed by the certification of the two international marks NF French and NSF US.

Adaptable to any square footage with peace of mind thanks to the wide choice of standard sizes offered. The wide choice allows adaptability to all sizes of warehouses, allowing many combinations and considerable space savings thanks to the operation of the overhead sliding shelving.

The main sectors of application are many and varied:

  • Hotel
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital
  • Catering
  • Food
  • Warehouses in general
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Office furniture

Incremento superficie di stoccaggio sistema IM92 Italmodular

What are the benefits

The benefits are manifold, you will be able to optimize any space you want. You will be able to increase the storage space by up to 90% of its previous use. Thanks to the sliding movement of the overhead sliding shelves, you will be able to use all the space in the warehouse itself. You will also be able to optimise your product search time.

The overhead sliding shelving system is raised above the ground, which will enable you to clean the room more thoroughly, with less effort and more quickly. Thanks to the total absence of crevices and spaces where dirt can lurk, the standard of hygiene will certainly be very high.

Another advantage is energy saving. In fact, if used in cold rooms, it allows to be more organised and at the same time fuller thanks to the system of organisation and movement of the nodules. This saves energy throughout the refrigerated room, giving clear economic advantages.

Being made entirely of anodized aluminium alloy, there is a guarantee of inalterability over time and against corrosion from water and humidity. So not only are they made of very strong materials, but also have a high level of durability over time.

The stability and ease of assembly make the overhead sliding shelves perfect for any type of warehouse. No special accessories for assembly, it is quick and easy, and thanks to the system being secured to the floor, you will no longer have any fears of shelves falling.

Each sliding module slides smoothly and therefore very quietly so that the movement of the modules in the warehouse does not create noise pollution. The search for products in the warehouse will be easy, thanks to the smoothness of the nodules, and above all silent.

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Italmodular modular storage solutions

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For more than 50 years Italmodular has been helping to improve and organize the way people and companies work. With passion, quality and reliability it is a manufacturing company that acts as a partner in finding high-tech modular solutions and systems to organize your warehouse spaces and storage systems.

Our mission is to make the storage of all products efficient and safe and to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Our guiding values are a passion for quality and for what we do. But above that all, the utmost satisfaction of our customers and the trust that we are able to establish with them.

We always strive for the best possible quality while respecting the environment because we use a material that is totally recyclable, has a low environmental impact and a very high recovery value. Because for us, quality and environmental protection go hand in hand.

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