shelving for pharmacies

Modular shelving units and trolleys of the IM 92 system in aluminium and stainless steel are the perfect solutions for storage space management. It is important to organize, carry, and display goods in accordance with the hygiene rules. The application areas of the IM 92 range from catering to the hotel sector, from cold rooms to the entire food sector. We offer also shelving for pharmacies among our product range. The management of medicines requires professional precision and collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry to develop an effective and functional storage solution. Reliable custody, withdrawal and replenishment procedures are required. Not only to speed up all the necessary operations but also to allow pharmacy staff to stay close to the counter and maintain close contact with customers.

shelving for pharmacies

Italmodular shelving guarantees stability and solidity, it does not require special fixings or anchors and can withstand high loads with minimum bending. Moreover, our patented interlocking system allows for quick and easy assembly without the use of special tools.

Advantages of aluminium and stainless steel

As we already have said in our previous article about aluminium shelving, this chemical element has remarkable proprieties:

  • durability;
  • lightweight (while maintaining good strength);
  • corrosion resistance (ideal for preserving food products, since the taste is not affected);
  • hygienically safe (protection from light, air, humidity, smell and microorganisms, essential for medicines);
  • non-magnetic. It is not attracted to magnets and it is therefore used in the construction of devices such as radios, radars and stereos;
  • excellent thermal and electrical conductor.

Also, the stainless steel has similar characteristics:

  • great deformability and hardness;
  • good tensile and yield strength,
  • total resistance against corrosion by water and humidity;
  • good thermal conductivity.

The advantages given by these materials to the pharmacy sector or any other need are obvious. There are more affordable materials on the market, but with a heavy ecological impact. Indeed our company, choosing to invest in light and durable products, focuses on environmental respect.

Our modular shelving

modular shelving for pharmacies

This shelving system, for its great versatility, organizes and optimizes spaces. AISI 304, made of anodized aluminium alloy with shelves in aluminium or polyethene or stainless steel, guarantees inalterability overtime against corrosion from water moisture and a high standard of hygiene. Indeed, the quality of modular shelving IM 92 is guaranteed by international marks NF and NFS. Elegant design, high load capability, maximum stability, ease and speed of assembly are some of the peculiarities of this shelving, that together with the wide choice of standard sizes ensure great adaptability allows for many combinations with a considerable space saving in multiple application needs and maintaining an excellent value for money.

Easy Compact shelving for medium-small spaces

Easy Compact shelving for pharmacies

This is the perfect solution when you want to organize, increase and make the best use of the available space, especially in small to medium environments with light loads and a more cost-effective investment that allows an economic return in a very short time. This sliding shelving version, using the central sliding rails and the two side shelves as fixed support, offers great versatility of composition, easy handling of goods, excellent loading capacity, safe stability and high hygiene. The basic structure with 4 shelves guarantees impressive stability with a load capability of 250 kg for each fixed and sliding module. Discover all the qualities of our Easy Compact line.

Furthermore, thanks to our special software ‘Shelving Optimization’, we can design the shelving in the room you selected, providing you with a 3D preview. Ideal for adapting pharmacy shelving to your needs.

Italmodular’s values

Our production reality has been proposing itself for more than 50 years as a reliable partner in designing solutions and modular systems with high innovative content to rationalize and organize storage spaces within each working environment. In addition to shelving, we also have a wide range of products such as rails, hooks and counter protectors. A mix of quality and professionalism to ensure efficiency and safety in the handling of meat, food, medicines and other products. The experience gained, continuous investments in technology and human resources and an international helpdesk are the factors behind our innovations. Contact us if you are interested in our offer or if you need more information.