Shelf with some medicines

Medicine’s proper storage is essential to ensure their chemical physical and microbiological stability and their quality, safety and efficacy. The temperature, humidity, light and ventilation has to be constantly monitored as well as frequently cleaning the storage space to assure a proper management and organization of medicines. 

Medicines must be organized according to a well-defined criteria by positioning them to be quickly identified and to avoid mixing of contents. It is therefore necessary for pharmacies to have shelving that ensures a proper and systematic organization and storage of medicines and high standards of hygiene.

The IM 92 system includes various pharmacies shelving that assure the proper storage, organization and hygiene of medicines. 

The IM 92 system, the perfect pharmacies shelving

Shelving from the IM 92 system allows you to organize, transport, display and increase the available storage space. These shelving can be used in areas such as the catering and hotel industry, walk-in refrigerators and the whole food industry, pharmaceutical trade and storehouses in general. 

The structure of the shelving is made of anodized aluminum alloy or stainless steel, materials that provide a high standard of hygiene and ensures lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture, which are key features for pharmacies shelving. IM 92 system shelving is stable and sturdy, built to take heavy loads with minimal bending, and doesn’t need any special fastening or anchoring.

The slot-together system patented by Italmodular makes the assembly quicker and simpler without needing any kind of special tools. The shelving features an elegant design, an excellent quality/price ratio and is highly adaptable to any space thanks to the wide choice of standard sizes. 

Modular shelving and Easy Compact and from the IM 92 system, characterized by extreme versatility and variety, are the pharmacies shelving perfect for your needs.

Easy Compact, pharmacies shelving providing more storage space and high hygiene

Easy Compact shelving is the ideal solution to organize, increase and optimize available space especially in mid-to-small-sized rooms. This shelving, employing central sliding tracks and two side shelving units as fixed supports, makes easier to handle materials and offers excellent load capacity, reliable stability and high hygiene. 

Shelvings for pharmacies

Easy Compact, thanks to its two central modules that are lifted entirely off the floor making it easier to clean underneath as well as ensuring high standards of hygiene, is perfect as pharmacy shelving. Easy Compact shelving with its central sliding rails and two side shelves as fixed supports, allows you to create numerous compositions, makes it easier to handle goods and guarantees excellent load capacity (each sliding and fixed module has a capacity of 250 kg).

Modular shelving, organize your pharmacy space in the best possibile way

Modular shelving allows you to organize and optimize the available space in any room. This shelving, made of anodized aluminum with aluminum or polyethylene shelves or ASI 304 stainless steel shelves, ensures lasting stability against corrosion and high standards of hygiene.

Shelvings for pharmacies

The modular shelving system, thanks to its extensive choice of standard sizes, adapts to any environment allowing numerous combinations and resulting in considerable space saving. This shelving is stable and sturdy, does not need any special fastening or anchoring and is able to take heavy loads with minimal bending (a 100 cm shelf has a load capacity of 200 kg).

This shelving is highly hygienic:

  • the materials used ensure high standards of hygiene;
  • the surfaces are smooth and rounded, the profiles closed, and there are no gaps and cracks where dirt can lurk;
  • shelves can easily be removed and cleaned.

It is perfect as pharmacies shelving because it guarantees high standards of hygiene, allows frequent cleaning and a proper organization of medicines. 

This shelving is quick and easy to assemble thanks to Italmodular’s patented slot-together system that allows assembly without the use of special tools. 

You can choose the best furnishing solution for your needs through Shelving Optimization, a software (released to Italmodular dealers) that allows you to view the structure solution in 3D along with its estimate.

Italmodualr: 50 years of experience in the shelving world

Italmodular is a manufacturing company that for more than 50 years has offered tools and solutions to rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace. The company is able to meet every customers’ needs thanks to its decades of experience and the always seeked innovation

The main component of Italmodular shelving is aluminum, a material with multiple properties:

  • it is lightweight, yet impact resistant;
  • durable;
  • corrosion resistant;
  • hygienically safe;
  • non-magnetic;
  • excellent heat conductor;
  • excellent electrical conductor;
  • 100% recyclable.

Italmodular shelving is also made of stainless steel, which provides corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and excellent hygienic coefficient. 

Italmodular offers numerous products for organizing the workplace such as:

  • Trolleys and shelving
  • Overhead rails, frames and hooked bars for transporting, hooking up and storing meat inside any type of walk-in cold rooms. They are made of anodized aluminum alloy and non-toxic plastic that ensure lasting stability and a high standard of hygiene;
  • Protecting counters, to protect refrigerated counters in supermarkets and shopping centres from the impact of shopping carts and goods trolleys. The protecting counters, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and shockproof plastic, guarantees strength, protection against knocks and lasting stability.

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