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Our stainless steel shelves for restaurants are the ideal solutions to handle  foodstuffs and kitchen tools exploiting the most possible space and respecting hygiene standards. Italmodular is ISO certified and it’s in the storage business for over 40 years in more than 45 countries. A high level of competence and professionalism recognized also by our partner Ranga Restoranams in Lituania.

Stainless steel shelves for restaurants: features and benefits

On a previous article, we have shown features and benefits of  aluminium shelvings. In a similar way, the main features of steel are:

  1. Stainless steel shelves for restaurantshigh deformation and hardness;
  2. good resistance against  traction breakage and enervation;
  3. good thermal conductivity.

Stainless steel is an ideal solution to guarantee appropriate preservation of both taste and integrity of foodstuff.

Italmodular uses anodized aluminium or stainless steel alloy as main constituent for its projects and products. There are many cheaper raw materials on market, but these have a dangerous ecological impact. That’s why our company prefers quality and respect for environment , so we’ve decided to invest on light but durable products.

IM|92 system and sliding shelvings

Modular shelvings don’t need particular anchorages and  bear heavy loads. Our patent IM|92 joint systems are fast and easy to assembly. Thanks to our large selection of standard measures, our shelvings offer elevated adaptability and it represents the right choice for multiple applications, from catering to hotel business, from cold rooms to food industry, from pharmaceutical trade to generic warehouses.

Our sliding shelvings system is from 25% to 90%  larger than traditional shelves. We can also offer a selection of shelvings for lighter loads, suited for medium-small working areas, and our Easy Compact line is the ideal solution for this needs , thanks to its base structure with 4 shelves that can assure  impressive stability with a load capacity of 250 Kg for each fixed and sliding module.

Stainless steel shelves for restaurants

Our lines of overhead shelvings and floor sliding shelvings are the ideal solution to make the most out of space. Each sliding module has a load capacity of almost 400 Kg.

Shelving Optimization

Italmodular always tries to meet and satisfy customer requests, creating new and reliable solutions everytime. Through our “Shelving Optimization” special software, we can plan shelvings with a 3D preview of the final result.

If you are interested about our products or if you need more informations, contact us.