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The wine shelving that will fit your needs

Our aluminum commercial wine shelving is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to organize, handle, display and get the most amount of available space respecting the hygiene standards.

wine shelving Liquid-collecting Aluminum Shelves

The IM92 modular shelving system is a great solution to store both food and beverage. It is a versatile system that can be used in dry or refrigerated environments. Food storage shelves are needed to properly store fresh food in respect of the latest national hygienic regulations. For this reason each Italmodular product is made in full compliance with these rules.

In particular, this adjustable shelving unit offers smooth rounded surfaces, a total absence of gaps and drafts, in which dirt can lurk, and a high standard of hygiene.

The modular wine shelving is also a great product to store all kinds of bottles. In fact, due to its width and its different shelves it is able to accommodate a large amount of them.

With our wine shelving, Bottles can be placed horizontally, vertically or with 15° inclination.

There are several ways to store bottles depending on what they contain. If you store liquor bottles you will probably prefer to keep them vertically. Otherwise, if you store wine bottles, you may prefer to keep them horizontally or with a slight bending. Our wine shelving’s inclination can be adjusted on the go to satisfy any particular need.

Technical specifications of the product.


Thanks to its elegant design, high load capacity and unbeatable stability, the modular shelving allows many combinations and a considerable save of space, meeting the needs of numerous different applications. Both stable and sturdy, it does not need any special fastening or anchoring because it is built to take heavy loads with minimal bending. In fact it can withstand up to 160kg. In addiction, it is also very easy and quick to assemble.

This particular commercial shelving comes in three versions with the possibility to replace solid shelves and racks with Gastronorm containers. It is easy to mount and lightweight enough to be moved around with ease.

Modular Shelving: Adjustable metal shelving

Aluminum shelving

The wine rack is entirely made of anodized aluminum. This material will be rust free even after many years of use, regardless of the environment, due to its resistance to corrosion and staining. Furthermore, it can be easily cleaned and it can also be 100% recycled. This material has a great resistance to oxidation. This innovative aluminum wine shelving offers lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture.

Restaurant kitchen storage shelving

wine shelving Trolleys: Kitchen storage shelves and rolling shelvesThis solution is also suitable for general kitchen storing, because it is conform to NSF and NF hygienic requirements.

The system organizes and optimizes space in many areas of application and this commercial wine shelving can be used in food industry, for industrial refrigeration, catering, hotel industry and many more fields.

Why to choose Italmodular

For over 50 years we helped companies in their work with an injection of passion, technology, quality and reliability. Experience is the key feature on which we built our success.

Our aim is to make innovative and efficient modular systems to rationalize and organize storage space in order to satisfy our clients and build customer loyalty.

For further information visit the Italmodular website or send us a message and we will take care of your request.


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