Italmodular display trolleys

Italmodular’s line of display trolleys is the ideal solution for functional and versatile display and stable and practical transportation.

Italmodular, a manufacturing company that has been in business for more than 50 years. Offers products to rationalize and organize storage space within the work environment while complying with hygiene regulations.

Italmodular display carts are intended for multiple sectors: food, industrial refrigeration, pharmaceutical, catering and hotel.

Italmodular story

Italmodular’s earliest activities can be traced back to 1882, in Pandino, where Giovanni and his sons carried on their blacksmithing business.

It was after World War II, with the spread of butchering and livestock trading activities, that Giovanni’s successors began building the first butchering plants and equipment and supplying local abattoirs with the necessary equipment for butchering meat.

In 1976, Italmacelli S.n.c. was established, which continued with the business of building butchering equipment, and in the 1980s aluminum was introduced as the main material.

In 1980 a Guidovia system, the IM80 system, made entirely of aluminum alloy was designed and was suitable for both large slaughterhouses and small butcher shops.

Then in 1988 a new guidovia system, IM89, was developed that was suitable not only for butcher shops but also for delicatessens and the meat department of supermarkets, and in 1990 the IM92 system of modular shelving made of aluminum alloy was introduced.

It was in 1994 that a new model of Guidovia was born, the IM96, which replaced the earlier IM80 for certain uses.

In more recent years, Italmodular has introduced the overhead sliding shelding, made a restyling of the IM89 system and created the new IM09 overhead rail system, devised the new line of protection for refrigerated counters, created the Easy Compact shelving system and the innovative Smarty multiservice trolley.

Italmodular display trolleys: functional and versatile

Display trolleys allow the display and storage of all kinds of products: fruit and vegetable boxes, wine bottles, bread baskets, flower trays etc.

The structure, stable and long-lasting structure is made of anodized aluminum, a material that is resistant to corrosion, stains and scratches and completely recyclable.

The display trolleys, thanks to their strength and stability, can withstand high loads with minimal bending; in fact, an 1152 mm shelf has a load capacity of 110 kg.

The trolley is equipped with 4 pivoting galvanized steel wheels with stops that make it safe, easily maneuverable even when fully loaded.

Galvanized steel, a laminate that combines the strength of iron with the corrosion resistance of zinc, will make the wheels more durable and less corrosive.

Italmodular display trolleys

The shelves, available in aluminum or polyethylene, have a sleek and modern design and are easily removable and cleanable, thus ensuring perfect hygiene and suitability for food contact.

Polyethylene, the material used for the shelves, is widely used in the food industry due to its non-toxic properties and low water absorption.

Assembly of the trolley is simple and it is available in various sizes in order to optimize space, adapt to every need and best display the products on display.

Sectors in which we recommend the use of display carts, because of their structure and the materials used, include food, catering, industrial refrigeration, and hospitality.

Smarty trolley: optimizing storage space

Smary multiservice trolley are container and tray displays that provide optimized and increased storage space, suitable for canteens, large kitchens, fast-food restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals. Smarty trolleys are versatile, sturdy, universal and quick to fold so they easily reduce clutter when not in use.

Italmodular display trolleys

Smarty trolleys structure is made of anodized aluminum alloy and has completely removable walls made of food-grade plastic material that ensures a high standard of hygiene in the work environment.

In fact, the side walls as well as the chrome-plated grilles can be easily removed to allow complete cleaning of the cart.

Folding structures and the hygiene guaranteed by the materials used make Smarty display trolleys ideal for modern cooking, food preparation and storage systems.

The innovation of Smarty trolleys lies in the possibility of being able to manage containers through a single frame: once the internal support grids are replaced, Gastro-Norm (GN), Euro-Norm (EN) containers, 60×40 cm trays and trays can be stored while keeping the frame. Smarty is not only hygienic, foldable and innovative, it is also sturdy having in fact a load capacity of 120 kg.

Modular trolleys: versatile transport

The display trolley is made of anodized aluminum, a material suitable for contact with food and making it perfect for transporting food and other goods.

The structure of the modular display trolleys is sturdy, stable and practical. Features galvanized steel pivoting wheels with stops that increase its safety and maneuverability even when fully loaded.

Italmodular display trolleys

Italmodular display trolleys are also available in a wide selection of sizes and with anodized aluminum or polyethylene shelves of your choice, thus adapting to your display space and needs. All our products are delivered to the customer in cartons, on wooden pallets and packed with heat-shrink plastic: materials that are all recyclable.

Italmodular shelving in steel and aluminum

Italmodular offers a wide range of shelving:

  • Shelving and trolleys;
  • Overhead, framework, hooked bars: perfect for transporting, hooking and stowing meat inside cold rooms of all types and sizes. Made of aluminum alloy and non-toxic plastic materials that ensure their inalterability over time and a high standard of hygiene,
  • Protecting counters: protects refrigerated counters in supermarkets and commercial surfaces, from the impact of shopping carts and goods trolleys. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and shockproof plastic material, it provides strength, impact protection and unalterability over time.

Itamodular chooses aluminum as the main component of its shelving. The material it is a lightweight, yet impact-resistant, durable, corrosion-resistant material that is non-toxic and therefore capable of being food-safe and 100 percent recyclable.

On Italmodular’s website you can view our product lines, browse the catalog, find out our company and contact information. Follow us on Facebook and Linkedin platforms, visit the News and Exhibitions section to stay updated and discover the world of steel and aluminum shelving.